Industry Leading Quality

JBT’s company mission is to be a customer focused innovative machining company that consistently achieves and exceeds the expectations of quality and service that our customers have and always will continue to receive. JBT understands that our customers need their jobs completed on time and done correctly. We operate an ISO – 9000 compliant quality system providing full traceability of materials, processes and inspection equipment.

JBT, Machining has regular calibration services done on all our inspection equipment including on all of our employees hand tools. JBT has also invested in new Zeiss Contura G2 CMM and a new vision system to insure our customer receives a quality product.

Zeiss Contura G2 AKTIV CMM
Year: 2012
X-axis travel: 27.6 inches
Y-axis travel:39.4 inches
Z-axis travel: 23.6 inches
Scanning Technology
Vast XT Head

Vision System - RAM Optical Instrumentation
X-axis travel: 16 inches
Y-axis travel: 16 inches
Z-axis travel: 16 inches
Laser Sensor on Z axis

Inspection Plates

Do ALL 3’ X 3’ X 4” granite inspection plate

Do ALL 3’ X 4’ X 6” granite inspection plate

Optical Comparator

Suburban Tool Master

Electronic Height Gage

Mitutoyo 24-inch height gage

Mitutoyo 18-inch height gage

Fowler (2)

Gage Pins / Blocks

Meyer ZZ pin set to 1 inch

Meyer pin set to 1 inch

Deltronics pin set to 1 inch

Mitutoyo block set

Zeiss Surfcom 130A Profilometer
Caliper range from 0 - 48 inches
Micrometer range from 0 - 12 inches

Thread Gages
Greenfield master set
Greenfield shop floor set

Caliper range from 0 - 48 inches
Micrometer range from 0 - 12 inches
Precision bore gages